What is semen liquefaction? Immediately after ejaculation semen coagulates and then liquefies again within 15 to 20 minutes.  Unfortunately, for about 11.8 per cent of men, diagnosed with infertility, semen does not liquefy.

One of the main causes, why sperm doesn’t liquefy, is inflammation. To be precise, the inflammation of the prostate and seminal vesicles. As a result, because of the impaired function, these glands may secrete less of the sperm fluid. Therefore, lead to lower semen quality and trouble with liquefaction.

This study shows that Chinese herbs can reduce semen liquefaction time. As a result, sperm motility and concentration improved as well.

Shengjing Tablets used in this study include nine TCM/herbal ingredients. The key to success here is not prescribing just any herbs. The most important is the combination and dose of each ingredient that makes the formula successful.

Shengjing tablets for semen non-liquefaction: a clinical study of 100 cases.

[Article in Chinese]
Yang XF, Guo LH, An LH, Pan ZH, Sun L, Ma K


To investigate the efficacy and action mechanism of Shengjing Tablets in the treatment liquefaction.
We randomly assigned 150 patients with semen non-liquefaction to receive Shengjing Tablets group, n = 100) and vitamin E capsules (control group, n = 50) for 2 courses of 45 days each, followed by observation liquefaction time and other semen parameters.
After the first course, 68 of the patients in the treatment group 20 responded and 12 failed to respond; and after the second course, 84 were cured, 9 responded and 7 failed to respond, the effective rate of 93.0%. In comparison, only 8 of the controls were cured, 8 responded and 34 failed to respond after medication. There were statistically significant differences between the two groups (P < 0.01). Meanwhile, the treatment showed obvious improvement in sperm motility and concentration.

Shengjing Tablets may shorten the time liquefaction and can be used as a safe and effective therapy for semen non-liquefaction.