Hyperprolactinemia can be a significant obstacle for women trying to get pregnant, and reproductive acupuncture may be one way to address the condition in some women. Previous research has shown that acupuncture influences prolactin levels in women undergoing IVF. We have studies showing acupuncture can reduce prolactin levels (auricular acupuncture using NADA protocol).

This study is interesting because the researchers were looking at natural conception rates, and women who had acupuncture treatment showed a significant difference – they were more fertile. Acupuncture plus standard treatment resulted in 43% pregnancy rate vs 20% of standard treatment alone. Bromocriptine has some nasty side-effects, including dizziness, nausea, confusion, even hallucinations and uncontrolled body movement. Women undergoing acupuncture treatment had a much better response to the drug but also had fewer side-effects.

Obviously, this is a small study; and further research looking into hyperprolactinemia and acupuncture are needed. The abstract of the study is below.


Acupuncture and Bromocriptine in the Treatment of Special HPL hyperprolactinemia in Infertile Women

Author(s): HU Jun, YAN Xiao-li, WANG Zhi-xing
Pages: 7-9
Year: 2014 Issue: 7
Journal: Journal of Clinical Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Keyword: Acupuncture; Hyperprolactinemia; Infertility; Acupuncture Combined with medicine;
Abstract: Objective: To observe the efficacy and side effects on the treatment with acupuncture and bromocriptine of special HPL in infertile women .Methods:60 infertile women with special HPL were divided randomly into two groups. The control group was taken Bromocriptine, plus with clomiphene, if not ovulating after three menstrual cycles. The treatment group was based on the therapy of control group plus acupuncturing at points: Qihai, Guanyuan, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Taichong, Taixi, Ligou.

Results: Six months later, the PRL of two groups was recovered to the normal level, and there was no difference in the results (P>0.05); E2, P and FSH were recovered too, but the treatment group was better than the control group according to the recovery time and secondary reaction ( P0 .05 ).

Conclusion: The combination of acupuncture and bromocriptine has an obvious effect on the special HPL in infertile women compared with taking medicine only.

This article appeared in the Journal of Clinical Acupuncture and Moxibustion