During the initial fertility acupuncture consultation, a lovely, and so nervous, couple is sitting in front of me. They came to learn how acupuncture can support sperm quality.

Due to the male factor infertility diagnosis, a reproductive endocrinologist recommended having IVF with ICSI. They had 3 ICSI cycles. And unfortunately, they didn’t result in any viable embryos.

I can see the guys’ eyes tearing up briefly while he speaks about this.

“I’m super healthy, I don’t smoke or drink, I go to the gym, I eat healthily. Still… Nothing. We will do anything at this point” -he says.

Unfortunately, too many couples seek our help after exhausting all other treatment options. If IVF doesn’t work, what are the next steps?

How can reproductive acupuncture support sperm quality?

A male fertility acupuncture experiment on 80 men showed changes in testis blood circulation. Five minutes of specific frequency electroacupuncture optimised blood vasodilation in the testis.

Healthy testicular blood circulation is essential for male fertility. It provides oxygen, nutrients and removes waste from the testis. An adequate blood flow also assures the sperm production-friendly environment.

In 2019 study, acupuncture also improved sperm production by optimizing Calcium signalling in the testicles. Adequate Calcium levels are fundamental for sperm motility. If Calcium signalling becomes impaired it can negatively affect sperm development and their ability to “swim.”

Where are the points for male fertility located?

In these studies, the main acupuncture points are on the lower abdomen. No needles in testes. Phew, you feel relieved, right?

Why the abdomen? The lower abdomen and testis link through many nerves and arteries. You can tap into this connection through abdominal acupuncture points. Electroacupuncure promotes vasodilation, which in turn improves circulation.

You can detect improved circulation in the testis within 5 min of acupuncture! Remember, the liquid part of semen is produced quite quickly.  But the little swimmers, sperm, take about 72-90 days to mature. For the sperm quality to change you still need to allow about three months of regular treatments.

One of the comments we hear from our patients is that they wish they could have started acupuncture sooner. Don’t delay. If you have any questions, do contact Dr Vitalis Acupuncture.